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Strategy 20/11/2016

Mini warriors: Three kingdoms​

Mini warriors: Three kingdoms — an exciting game for the platform Android, which takes place in ancient China during the three kingdoms, where your many-thousand army of legendary generals, can change the course of history. Your task is to achieve world domination, commanding

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Strategy 15/11/2016

Tower conquest

Tower conquest is an interesting game for Android in which you need to build a strong army, destroy the enemy tower to protect the tower. Army at your disposal knights, archers, infantry and other military units. You have to fight


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Strategy 09/11/2016


Animonsters - platform game for Android in which you take a journey through the magical, inhabited by various monsters. Your task is to gather a group of monsters, do not forget that each of them has exceptional qualities and skills, train them and fight with the enemy.

Strategy 04/11/2016


RAID HQ — action game for the Android platform from the developer Mobile Gaming Studios Ltd. which has created four games for Android. You will perform a variety of missions, driving a group of well-trained and armed mercenaries. Alien to them a sense of fear

Strategy 24/10/2016

War storm: Clash of heroes

War storm: Clash of heroes — game for Android, in which you'll fight hordes of dark forces. The Empire collapsed, and on its ruins you need to build a powerful state with a strong army. Before you — the study of dark locations, different tasks and missions, fights

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Strategy 19/10/2016

Clash dynasty

Clash dynasty — platform game for Android where you will become not only a military leader, but the Creator and ruler of a mighty Empire. You will build and develop cities, forming a strong army of powerful heroes and lead it to the conquest of new lands for

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Strategy 13/10/2016

Tower defense zone 2

Tower defense zone 2  game for Android in which you have to perform critical mission to save our planet from alien aggression. You will be a strategist and commander, will protect cities, military bases and other important facilities, using protective

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Strategy 11/10/2016

Little big city 2

Little big city 2 game for Android, in which you will become an outstanding architect and build on a tropical island, future city, and a mayor who will be successful this metropolis to develop, getting the necessary resources. You need to create

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Strategy 03/10/2016


Hackers is a fascinating platform game for Android in which you become a member of the all-embracing cyber warfare. You need to take sides in the conflict and defend it from enemy attacks. The use of the acquired and developed

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Strategy 10/09/2016

Masquerade: The faceless

Masquerade: The faceless — platform game for Android in which in the fantasy world of endless battles with monsters and powerful bosses. Your superhero, their in game three, has exceptional abilities and unique fighting style

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