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Simulation 08/12/2016

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories — the game for the platform Android, in which you have to improve the interior of the cafe, to buy items to help in cooking and to achieve competitive advantages that your cafe was the most popular in the city. Differentiating

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Simulation 27/11/2016

Fantasy forest story

Fantasy forest story — platform game for Android in which you take a fantastic journey into a magical forest inhabited by new animals that you have to take care of and become the master of the forest. Performing various tasks, growing things

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Simulation 21/11/2016

Pet world: Wildlife Africa

Pet world: Africa Wildlife — platform game for Android that takes you to Africa where you will manage a large reserve, placing animals in spacious enclosures, taking care of their convenience, and a veterinarian, curing and caring for sick animals and looking 

Simulation 27/10/2016

Bob the builder: Build city

Bob the builder: Build city game for Android in which you become a foreman will be driving Bob and his team during construction works. You have to build various buildings and constructions, as well as managing construction equipment 

Simulation 16/09/2016

Police car racer 3D

Police car racer 3D game for Android in which you have to clear a big city from any criminal element. Driving a police car you will patrol the city streets and, if necessary, to apprehend violators of the law.

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Simulation 07/09/2016

City bus simulator: Craft inc.

City bus simulator: Craft inc. — a game for Android, in which you will need to drive a bus on a variety of city and country roads. Your task is to breed all the passengers as quickly as possible, not to get into a crash. Follow the road, overcome obstacles,

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Simulation 30/08/2016

Century City

Century City — a game for the Android platform from the developer Pine Entertainment, is declared as simulator, but I must say, quite simplified, which is more reminiscent of clicker. In the game you have to mine gold and build the city

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Simulation 22/08/2016

Taxi sim 2016

Taxi sim 2016 — platform game for Android where you will become the taxi driver will drop passengers, or just to ride around the streets of world cities, such as Frankfurt, London, new York and others. Your task — to pick up passengers on the street and 

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Simulation 09/08/2016

Airplane flying flight pilot

Airplane flying flight pilot — platform game for Android where you will become a cadet at the flight Academy and lift a plane into the sky to perform tasks and missions such as fire fighting, shipping military cargo, management of a passenger airliner.

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Simulation 02/08/2016

Magnate: Capitalist manager

Magnate: Capitalist manager — an exciting platform game for Android in which you will be able to prove himself a successful entrepreneur, wisely investing funds, buying real estate — hotels, resorts, restaurants, casinos, island and enterprise. You

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