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Navigation 24/08/2016

Field Trip

Field Trip — convenient and useful application for the Android platform from the Creator of the game Pokemon Go company Niantic, Inc, the App is designed for travelers and will be very useful for those who find themselves in a strange city and not know where to go. By the way, it formed the basis of the

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Navigation 02/03/201


MAPS.ME free full version MAPS.ME, containing detailed maps of 345 countries and works everywhere without Internet connection. On the maps there are not only cities, but villages and towns with dirt roads and restaurants and Inns, gas

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Navigation 26/12/2015

Wiot lite

Wiot lite is the app for the Android platform, which at any time can provide information about your location or your loved ones. Using the system of satellite monitoring, the application captures the current GPS coordinates and then sends to the server move

Navigation 06/11/201

Nokia HERE

Nokia HERE — good service for car navigation for the Android. In some ways superior to a similar service from Google, though inferior to other popular browser. But this avtonavigatsionnoe app has a great advantage —

Navigation 26/04/2014

Blizz Con 2013 Guide

Blizz Con 2013 Guide is a wonderful application for Android with which You will always know what is going on at BlizzCon, didn't miss anything interesting. Stay always informed of what is happening and keep your finger on the pulse.


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Navigation 10/12/2013

Disney Mobile Magic

Disney Mobile Magic — a special application for Android to stay in the stunning and fantastic world of Disney. Once You have an incredible helper and guide who can help You enjoy everything and not to miss anything in the beautiful Park of Disney.

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Navigation 16/09/2013

Google Maps

Google Maps — a great opportunity to download the latest version of Google Maps on Androd and forever forget about heavy and inconvenient paper maps.


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Navigation 12/09/2013

Locus Map Free

Locus Map Free — great app for Android for those who want to focus on different areas and not get lost in the mountains, the woods or in the city. It is not a problem when You have this wonderful program. The right combination of maps and GPS navigation will not leave You without help

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Navigation 09/09/2013

Sygic: GPS Navigation

Sygic: GPS Navigation — excellent, functional, professional application for the exact car navigation. Sygic — professional application for GPS — navigation with voice support. In the present Sygic TomTom maps and a powerful

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Navigation 12/09/2012

OSMTracker for Android

OSMTracker for Android is a great app using it to track your route and make it the mark.


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