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Multimedia 23/05/2016


MSQRD is a great app on Android, with which you will be able to create virtual masks to change their appearance, to record photos and videos of the process of creating masks, change the images, send the resulting reultate in social networks or favorite messaging

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Multimedia 31/12/2015

Muse Insight

Muse Insight — convenient and interesting application for the Android platform from the developer IT-GRANDS, created for music lovers and for those who like to share any music with friends. Registered users of the social network Vkontakte can right there to listen to music

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Multimedia 27/04/2016

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV is a free app for the Android platform from the company Red Bull, which was, incidentally, founded over 27 years ago. The company is known worldwide for its energy and other beverages. Red Bull sponsors a Formula 1 team

Multimedia 27/04/2016


Shazam is the app for the Android platform from the developer Shazam Entertainment Limited, the product is a serious competitor to products such as: TrackID™ from the developer Sony Mobile Communications with the number of downloads close to 50 million

Multimedia 25/04/2016

FS VideoBox

FS VideoBox is a free app for the Android platform that contains a lot of useful categories available to all citizens of the world. It should be noted that this app is not in Google play.


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Multimedia 13/04/2016

Stellio music Player

Stellio music Player is the app for the Android platform from the developer Stellio music audio player containing and capable in the number of positive characteristics to compete with many similar applications

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Multimedia 03/04/2016

Photo Studio

Photo Studio app for the Android platform, which contains a photo editor for the rapid conversion of ordinary photos into a work of art. The application properties will help you to make the photo a masterpiece. App supported in mobile

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Multimedia 30/11/2015

Apple Music

Apple Music — new app for the Android platform, which is a music service that includes the following components: — a selection of music albums by genres, artists and groups

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Multimedia 11/11/2015

Image 2 wallpaper

Image 2 wallpaper is the app for the Android platform, which offers an alternative method of setting Wallpaper on the screen of your mobile device. With this app you have the possibility with the same clarity and in the same size to establish a high-quality image on the screen

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Multimedia 24/10/2015

Pure music widget

Pure music widget — widget for Android with which you will be able to control the music directly from the screen of your mobile device. With just one touch you can switch, rewind, or pause your favorite


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