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Bullet Party CS 2 : GO STRIKE










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Bullet Party CS 2 : GO STRIKE

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Bullet Party CS 2 : GO STRIKE - Game-first person shooter (FPS).
You're on a huge battlefield against real enemies. Click and hold your brigade in readiness. You can choose a fighting style, strategy and gun. When you're ready to fight, press the trigger and start the fight! You need minimum 50K in the number of dead to be the best killer under heavy enemy fire and air attacks with heavy bombing. You have a hard time? Call your brothers and get them on the battlefield for impossible mission to become the leader. Demonstrate your combat skills to prove their place in the war. Remember that the speed of the hiding terrorists never falls, so stay always on the alert! If you died, do not forget where you were killed to retaliate and take revenge. Good luck!

What's new in our new game?
- 8 new maps!
- Brand New weapon Sheath!
- New shop System!
- New ranks and rank icons!
- In-game inventory!
- A separate room!

- Modern graphics AAA quality 
- Local and international leaderboards 
- More choice of weapons, including Desert eagle, AK-47,Mp5, M87-T, M79, Stw-25, Sniper, Grenade launcher and a Professional Knife. 
- MO - FPS that you've never experienced before on mobile!
- The world's first multiplayer shooter on mobile phones. 
- Easier controls setup user interface features. Works on any device!
- 5 maps/2 battle mode
- Each weapon has its own sound effect and the characteristic effect.

Download Bullet Party CS 2 : GO STRIKE

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Updated 28 Oct 2016 /// The number of installations1 000 000-5 000 000 /// The current version1.2

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Minor Bugs Fixed.

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