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The best Android apps and games by number of downloads

Strategy 04/08/2016

Defense legend

Defense legend — a game for the Android platform, where dark forces threaten the world, and your task — to save the world at any cost. You have to battle with the attacking enemy army, which, together with military equipment will go on the road and try to break through your defense. In the main

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Strategy 04/08/2016

Castles of mad king Ludwig

Castles of mad king Ludwig — the game for the platform Android, in which you can become a great architect, to build majestic castles of king Ludwig of Bavaria to build an intricate maze of available units, calling on their imagination and abilities of the strategist. You can


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Sports 14/06/2016

Soccer sumos

Soccer sumos — platform game for Android in which you take part in fun football games because you control a fat football player, moving it around the pitch. You have to perform several tasks. First, to protect the gate,

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Sports 20/08/2016

Bowling central 2

Bowling Central 2 — bowling game for the Android platform, where one flick of a finger you can throw the ball and knock down all the pins, and buy new bowling balls exceptional coloring. You can play bowling in different halls, which will open.

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Simulation 21/07/2016

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is the new innovative game project for the Android platform from the developer Niantic, Inc., which is difficult to adhere to any genre. The developer best known for playing Ingress, which scored 10 million downloads and which included the social interaction of people

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Simulation 16/09/2016

Police car racer 3D

Police car racer 3D game for Android in which you have to clear a big city from any criminal element. Driving a police car you will patrol the city streets and, if necessary, to apprehend violators of the law.

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Shooting 01/10/2016

Super slug

Super slug — the game for the platform Android, in which your character has to pass many scenic locations, engaging in battle with the murderous machines and mechanical bosses. Your character must jump from platform to platform and perform other actions, such

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Shooting 06/09/2016

Zombo buster rising

Zombo buster rising — game for the platform Android, in which you have to defend from the evil monsters the entrance to the underground shelter where to hide from the survivors during the zombie Apocalypse people. Zombies constantly attacking, so you need to place your heroes on the roof of the shelter

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Police motorcycle crime sim

Police motorcycle crime sim game for Android in which you control a fast police motorbike, speeding through the streets of new York and overcoming various obstacles. At maximum speed you will race on the track, moving from side to side, so

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Race 02/06/2016

Driving Zone: Russia

Driving Zone: Russia — a Russian race — a game for the Android platform from the developer AveCreation, stated as a simulator. Consider whether this is so. The gameplay provides three lives, i.e. you can get into three accidents. For these lives need to travel as far as possible, to

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Quests 05/08/2016

Escape addiction: 20 levels

Escape addiction: 20 levels — the game for the platform Android, which will require you to observation and logical thinking. You will find yourself in a large house, where you will need to get out of closed rooms with the help of hidden clues and other items and solutions

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Quests 26/09/2016

The mystery of haunted hollow 2

The mystery of haunted hollow 2 — a game for the platform Android, which takes you to a small abandoned town, shrouded by fog and rain. There is the old library, abandoned hotel, Moody mansion, the chapel and other buildings that are waiting for you.

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Logic 11/09/2016


Perchang is a fun game for the Android platform, which promotes the development of logic, reflexes and creative thinking. With the help of different mechanisms and devices you need to work ha the balls to lead them to the goal. For this you need these devices

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Logic 20/09/2016

Be diced

Be diced — platform game for Android in which playing bones, you will be able to challenge players from all over the world. Your task is to score more points than your opponent. To do this, each of you will have two attempts. The essence of the game is that first, you will have the opportunity

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Card 17/02/2015

Infinite myths: Online card game

Infinite myths: Online card game — magic world of this game for the Android platform is able to fully capture your attention and time. You need to assemble a collection of cards depicting various gods and mythical creatures combine them in such

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Card 28/04/2015

Mortal Kombat X

MORTAL KOMBAT X collector's card game for the Android platform offers you to witness the ruthless, but at the same time expressive and colorful battles. You need to assemble a team of the best fighters to participate in a deadly battle, the greatest tournament on the planet

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Arcade 14/09/2016

Rio 2016: Diving champions

Rio 2016: Diving champions — platform game for Android in which you will take part in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, competitions in jumping into the water. You have the opportunity to win a lot of medals for his team, competently managing its athletes

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Arcade 08/09/2016

Dark ascent

Dark ascent — platform game for Android in which you display the main character on the surface of the dark dungeon. To escape from the dungeon he will be on a balloon, and you must help him to fly as high as possible, so watch carefully the flight of the ball

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Action 02/06/2016

Divine Expedition

The Divine Expedition — platform game for Android made in the genre traditional RPG in which you battle with evil forces and interact with different characters. It should be noted that the game is rapidly gaining popularity

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Action 09/05/2016

Walking War Robots

Walking War Robots is an exciting game for the Android platform in the genre of multiplayer shooter, made in stunning 3D graphics. The game takes you to the events team battles 6×6 in real time

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